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Terry O''''Brien

I start my powerpoint with a full-frame movie. The movie is sized to the
slide and "Play full frame" is not selected.

The effect that I want to create is that the movie plays, the movie ends
with a held frame, and that dissolves seemlessly to the next slide in the

I can put a still of the last frame of the movie on the slide that contains
the movie, in register with the matching held frames in the movie. Then I
could dissolve the slide with the still image of the end of the movie.

Any suggestions? This seems like such a basic thing that there should be a
way to kludge the effect.


Troy Chollar

Best you can do (that I can think of), is set slide to auto transition.
Timing for auto transition just needs to be shorter than movie (eg. movie =
50 seconds, set transition to 20 seconds). Set transition to achieve needed
effect (eg. fade, dissolve, etc.). That should do it.

TLC Creative Services, Inc.
A MS powerPoint MVP

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