displaying window media player within slideshow to play a movie cl



Dear all,

Windows XP Pro, Office 2003

I have inserted a movie file: Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Movie from
file. I have selected on click event i.e. play when clicked on the movie
object box on running the slide show. However what I wanted (if possible)
when I click, e.g. on the box showing the static image of the first frame of
the movie, for the window media player to be launched within the frame of the
slide show so that I can use the slider to fast forward, if needed, through
the movie clip. It is NOT inserting a hyperlink i.e. right-click and
inserting a hyperlink where the result would be insertion of the directory
path onto the slideshow, where upon clicking, it would launch the window
media player separately i.e. outside the presentation to play the movie.

I would appreciate any advice on how to achieve what I wanted to do or if at
all can be done. I hope it's clear what I wanted to achieve. Thank you.



Thank you Chirag. Is there a way to do this without having to buy and
installing another software?


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