Mouse jumping problem


Antares 531

About a year ago I built a new Windows XP Pro SP3 desktop computer
using a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L/S3L motherboard with an Intel Core 2 Duo
processor. I installed a matched pair of 1GB DDR memory sticks and a
Western Digital Caviar SATA 300 hard drive with a capacity of 500GB.

I used my old Logitech TrackMan Marble FX mouse and my old Microsoft
Natural Keyboard. These both connect via the conventional PS/2
keyboard and mouse ports on the motherboard. That is, I'm not using a
USB mouse and keyboard. This computer has worked very well except for
one problem.

The mouse pointer won't always stay where I've put it. From time to
time it will go zipping across the screen with no movement of the
Track Ball. This is usually limited to a second or two of miscreant
behavior that then settles down to normal for perhaps several minutes.
Sometimes it jumps horizontally and other times it jumps vertically,
but I've never seen it jump diagonally across the screen.

This gets really annoying when the mouse pointer suddenly jumps to a
different location just as I'm in the process of clicking on a button
or link. I frequently end up clicking on something I had no intentions
of selecting.

What can I check or revise to try to overcome this annoying problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Gordon L. Richard

Antares 531

I did this, using some lens wiping tissue and lens cleaner spray like
I use on my glasses, but it didn't seem to help. Thanks for the
suggestion, anyway.

I'm afraid this may be a driver, or interrupt request kind of problem.

Antares 531

I need to try this, but I haven't yet figured out how to remove the
old driver and still have use of my computer so I could install a new


You don't have to remove the old driver to install the IntelliPoint
driver... just install it and it will automatically takeover... as the
default driver is disabled.



Did you also clean the rollers, the trackball is part of the mouse cleaning
process but you also have to clean the rollers where a strip of lint
accumulates through time. I use something long and narrow like a pocket
knife or the file in nail clipers or the staple remover in a stapler.


Antares 531

My Trackball doesn't have any rollers. It reads the ball's motion by
means of a LED sensor. This does get lint on it regularly but I remove
the ball and blow the lint away and it works fine until more lint
accumulates in the LED lens area.


OK, so the mouse is clearly not the problem but the driver.


Antares 531

Thanks for everyone's responses. I tried about everything that has
been suggested, and even tried some things that weren't suggested
(ball peen hammer, etc.), but the problem would not abate. So, today I
went to Office Depot and bought a new TrackMan Marble. It is working
perfectly and so far the skip-around problem hasn't shown up.


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