mouse cursor position in XP



Is there a way to make the mouse cursor position follow where I am

I am using XP on a notebook. While typing, I will suddenly find that
what I am typing is suddenly jumped way above, apparently following
where my cursor remained the last time I used the touchpad. It can get
very annoying. It would be nice if the cursor did not stay put where I
last left it but instead moved and followed along as I type. Is there a
setting I can change for that to happen?



Paul Randall

Does your mousepad have a small area along the right side and bottom for
scrolling? If so, perhaps your hand is occasionally touching this, causing
the scrollin action. There may be a way in control panel to turn off the
scrolling or you can learn to hold your hand higher.

-Paul Randall


That's what I have been trying to do for quite some time. I'm also
playing with the "sensitivity" of the touch pad.


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