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Darren Shaffer


Today's announcement in the MSDN SQL Mobile forum from Durga Gudipati
regarding SQL Server Everywhere is just tremendous news. Let me help shed
some light on this announcement and why it will help so many of you who have
been asking for a solution to working with SQL Mobile on the desktop (on
machines other than Tablet PCs):

a.. SQL Server Everywhere (SQL Ev) is based on SQL Server 2005 Mobile
b.. It will run on both Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop machines
c.. There will be a CTP this summer with a target release date at end of
2006 - like any new product Microsoft releases, there is a lot to do in
terms of documentation, support, ensuring compatibility with other products,
d.. If you are already a SQL Mobile developer or have SQL Mobile solutions
deployed, the changes will be seamless for you.
e.. You can start now prototyping applications that use SQL Mobile Win32
Edition for development and testing but you will not be able to use it in
production applications until SQL Ev is released. Here is a link to get you

So for all of you who have provided (spirited!) feedback on extending SQL
Mobile licensing, Microsoft heard you, and we now have a solution on the
way. For those of you who are developing or considering .NET Smart Client
applications deployed via ClickOnce, SQL Ev will be ClickOnce deployable and
is much easier to get into a replication relationship with SQL Server than
SQL Express would be.



Darren Shaffer
..NET Compact Framework MVP
Principal Architect
Connected Innovation

Vyacheslav Lanovets

Hooray!!! So there is a chance not to migare to 3rd party solution for us.

But what about licensing options?

Ginny Caughey [MVP]


Since there was nothing in the announcement that indicated any change in
licensing, I assume there will continue to be no licensing fee for using
SQL/e. The only change I see is that the restriction against use on desktops
other than TabletPCs will be removed.

Sachin Palewar

I understant there is already SQL Express which is free is much more
powerful than SQL Mobile.

So are we now having 2 options for SQL which are license free. if
anybody can give a comparision from features as well as licensing
perspective, then it will be quite helpful.



Sachin Palewar

Palewar Techno Solutions
Pocket PC & Mobile Software Development
Nagpur, India

Sachin Palewar

Sorry I should have first checked out that MSDN blog link mentioned by
Darrent in his above post. I got my answers from there:

Here is a copy and paste of the comparision from the MSDN:

Comparing SQL Express and SQL Mobile:

In future blogicles I'll go into more details comparing SQL Express
and SQL Mobile. Essentially both have their markets and both are
excellent products, they just have slightly different user models.
Both SQL Mobile and SQL Express support Merge Replication. SQL Mobile
has an additional replication technology called Remote Data Access
(RDA) which is very easy to use, but not as powerful merge replication.
In Whidbey, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Mobile also has an updatable
resultset (SqlCeResultSet) which really simplifies data access for
local databases. SQL Mobile can be deployed via ClickOnce without
admin rights. It's entire runtime is < 1.4mb. notice the decimal
SQL Express is essentially SQL Server, so it has all the power features
from a multi-user, big/bad mofo type database. Because it's a
service, you'll require Admin rights to install and it's quite big.
For the 32bit platform, the compressed install is 55mb, and this
doesn't include the replication components. If you're deploying a
multi-user application, SQL Express is perfect. If you're deploying
a local, single user database, SQL Mobile is your starting point as it
really nails the local database scenarios.

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