Access SQL Server 2005 Everywhere/Mobile Edition data




In Visual Studio .NET 2003 you could use SqlCeDataReader to access SQL
Server 2000 Mobile data.

What is the equivalent of that in Visual Studio .NET 2005 and what class
must I import to find it? I am using C#.

Does anyone know of a good site that might also have info about .NET 2
Compact Framework apps and SQL Server 2005 Everywhere edition?

Thanks in advance!


Ginny Caughey [MVP]


It's still SqlCeDataReader. There's also SqlCeResultSet which inherits from
SqlCeDataReader and provides a scrollable updatable cursor - very useful.
Both are in the System.Data.SqlServerCe namespace. Here's a good starting
point for info:
Note that the database has been renamed to SQL Server 2005 Compact.

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