Monitor2 does not stay selected in PowerPoint 2007



I selected "Show Presenter View" in PowerPoint 2007's Set Up Show dialog, and
also set the "Display slide show on:" option to Monitor 2. (I want the slide
show to be on Monitor 2 (the projector) and the Presenter View on the Primary
Monitor, my laptop display.)

Once I click OK, then go back and look at the options, the "Display slide
show on:" option has reset itself to "Primary Monitor" and when I start the
show, the slide show is on my laptop and the Presenter View is on the

Can anyone tell me how to make the slide show stay set to Monitor 2???


I know what you mean (about having to ask), and yes, it's turned on.

I've tried this with three different external monitors. Once is a regular
monitor, the other two are projectors. It works the same way on all of them:
the presentation shows up on my laptop monitor and the presenter view on the
external monitor. When I change the option to show the slide show on Monitor
2, it reverts back to Primary Monitor.

Austin Myers

MEHinCA said:
I know what you mean (about having to ask), and yes, it's turned on.


Is this a Vista machine? In any case, my first suggestion is to see if
there is an updated video driver for your video card.

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

Provider of PFCPro, PFCMedia and PFCExpress


No, it's Windows XP SP2. I've had it for over three years, and this used to
work in PowerPoint 2003. But, I'll check the drivers anyway. That's a good

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