Powerpoint 2003 dual-monitor situation



In a dual-monitor situation, one of our users would like one monitor to
display the current slide, and the other monitor to display the previous
slide. Both in slide show view, and both advancing on click. The
dual-monitor capability built into PowerPoint only allows slide show view on
one and presenter view on the other. We have researched a few alternatives
but they are not too straightforward nor easy for our non technical savy

Some alternatives:

#1 – do old school builds – so that different build steps are on different
slides. Paste the screen capture of the previous slide into the current
slides speaker notes. Then do presenter view/screen show view as usual.

#2 – 2 laptops, 1 clicker. On laptop 1, you put a black slide at the start
of the file so it starts essentially 1 page delayed. The clicker controls
BOTH laptops. This gives the results you want, it just requires more hardware.

Has anyone ran in this problem? What are some other solutions to this?


If you have 2 presentations with 1 having a blank slide at the start to
delay the slide show by a slide, you can show both the presentations
simultaneously through 1 laptop using PowerShow from
http://officeone.mvps.org/powershow/powershow.html. Look at its Synchronous
Shows feature at
http://officeone.mvps.org/powershow/powershow_sync_shows.html. You can add
additional display outputs to your laptop by using USB-VGA adaptors like the
ones listed at

- Chirag

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