PowerPoint 2008/v12 crashes with two non-mirrored monitors



Hoping for an Office update soon (past 12.1.9), but the temp solution is to
use PowerPoint 2004 (a.k.a. Version 11; or, mirror the displays so that the
Presenter Tools isn't used).

If one were to "View Presenter Tools" under the "Slide Show" (in PowerPoint
2008; a.k.a. Version 12) *AND* using two non-mirrored monitors (i.e. or
laptop with non-mirrored projector), the Mac will freeze (OK, you can
*slowly* get through Force Quit and get back to working).

Another issue: can't seem to *not* use the Presenter Tools mode with a two
non-mirrored monitor setup: if I select Slide Show, still ends up as
Presenter Tools (as if I selected Presenter Tools). How do I turn that off
without having to mirror the monitors before I start the show?


We are all Personal Computer users (Mac and Windows alike), albeit Microsoft
tends to be associated with "PC" and "evil". I've posted my
two-monitor-crash-Mac-OS-PowerPoint-slideshow issue on the Mactopia Forums:

TAS: Thanks (for the pointer) And Sorry (for lazily going to Microsoft and
not specifically Microsoft for Mac).

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