Modem Sound on Fax



I got a dumb question.

When I fax directly from my laptop through my modem, I don't hear the modem
dialing. I checked all the options and set-up files and everything seems to
be ok.

When I dial out for other reasons, I can hear the modem dialing. Is there a
set-up somewhere where I can turn on the modem dialing when I fax. Please
help and thank you.




Mayuri Diwan[MSFT]

If you are using the Fax which comes with Windows XP this is what you need
to do to enable sounds:-

1) Go to Start-> Printers and Faxes
2) Right-click on the Fax printer and select "Properties" menu option
3) Go to the "Tracking" tab
4) Click on the button "configure Sound Settings" and a window would
come up displaing various soun options for you.
5) Click on appropriate check boxes to enable sounds.

Mayuri Diwan
Microsoft Printing, Imaging and Fax Team

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Thanks for responding to my problem. All the options on the Configure Sound
screen are all checked but still no sound when I send fax, however, when I
use the modem to dial out for other apps - there is sound.



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