MN-500 bridging



Hi, I am setting up a wireless network and want to
connect a MN - 500 in bridging mode, I configure it as so
and the base station finds it without problems, can
connect to the network and Internet.The issue is that I
need to put the access point in another house and it goes
to no signal, the 2 houses are connected with a cat5
cable, but when I plug the 2 MN-500 together from any
port of the base station to the " to modem " port (the
only one that see connection) on the WAP, although there
is connection or activity in the ports, the base station
no longer sees it as a access point in the Microsoft
Broadband Network Utility and drops all connections to
the network and the Internet.

Can the 2 MN-500 be connected through the cat5, one as a
base station and other as a WAP or the base station sees
the WAP only in wireless?

Cheryl Fischer


You have posted your question to a newsgroup devoted to Microsoft Access,
the database development product. Your chances of getting an expert answer
will be significantly increased if you post your question to a newsgroup
devoted to networking for your version of Windows.

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