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Joseph McWhirter

All, would appreciate some help with this....

Setting up a wireless network using the Microsoft MN-500 Base Station as
wireless access point outside a switch authenticating to WIN23 AD... & two
laptops. Win2K works great... XP SP2 does not.

Although the wireless connection 'is happily connected,' there is no tcp/ip
connectivity... can't ping the wap.
Cable the laptop 'to the wap'... all connectivity is restored... can ping
everything... renew DHCP.
Unplug the cable... nothing.

Ashamed to say how long I've been trying to resolve this. Would appreciate
any advice.

thanx, Joem

Mark L. Ferguson

You haven't mentioned any effort at Zero Configuration
1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Network and Internet
2. Click Network Connections, right-click Wireless Connection, and then
click Properties.
3. View the available options:

Joseph McWhirter

Hi Mark,

the Zero Configuration service is running
the wireless connection subtab is available in the wireless connection
have worked through all the reasonable permutations
no joy

thanx, Joe

Joseph McWhirter

thanx Mark,

it was the hardware, which is internal - toshiba mini pci card
pushed a wireless card into the pc slot - shazzam! - wireless

oh well, live & learn

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