MMC could not create the snap-in ".NET Framework 1.1 Configuration




I broke the MMC .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration snap-in. What I did was to
set the Permission Set group properties of the All_Code code group, on an
Enterprise level, to SkipVerification.

When I pressed the OK button, a message poped up stating something like "The
actions you have taken may cause MMC to not function properly when you start
the application next time".

So, I undo my changes assign the FullTrust permission set to the
Enterprise\Code Groups\All_Code code group without closeing MMC.

When I opened the .NET 1.1 Configuration utility the next time, MMC prompts
me with the message "MMC Could not create the snap-in. the snap-in might not
have been installed correctly. Name: .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration.
CLSID: {1270E004-F895-42BE-8070-DF90D60CBB75}"

When I run MMC from the command prompt, and attempt to add the .NET
Framework 1.1 Configuration snap-in, I am prompted with the following message:
Microsoft Management Console
MMC cannot initialize the snap-in.

Name: .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration

CLSID: {1270E004-F895-42BE-8070-DF90D60CBB75}

What can I do to correct this? I'm going to try and re-install the .NET
Framework 1.1 SDK (that I believe isntalls the snap-in) and see what happens.



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