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I had created five outline styles to be available in all documents but only
two of them are listed in the styles pain, even when I select "all styles".
When I try to import/export it. the missing styles are listed in the current
document already. When I click "Ctrl+Shift+S" in the styles pane & I type in
the missing style in the pop up window, the missing style comes up, but
functions only to replace the format of the selected style in the style pane.

I noticed one difference between the the missing & visible styles when I
checked out the modify styles window -- The 3 missing styles have a "List"
style type whereas the two visible styles have a paragraph style type. It
doesn't allow me to modify "List" style type.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this or how to prevent it from re-occurring if
I have to re-create the missing styles?

Thank you!!



Stefan Blom

Is this Word 2007? If so, in the Styles pane, click the Manage Styles
button. On the Recommended tab, you can choose to always show the styles in
question. In order to transfer the settings to the attached template, check
the "New documents based on this template" option before clicking OK.

For the corresponding task in Word 2003, use the Format Settings dialog box.
For more, see this article:




You can take what Stefan suggested (below) one step farther in Word 2007.
After you have set all the styles that you want to be always displayed in
your Style Pane (or Gallery), click on Change Styles, hover on Style Set,
select Save as Quick Style Set, and give that style set a name. Then click on
Change Styles again and select "Set as Default" so that whenever you open a
new Word window, your styles will all display automatically. Also, whenever
you open a document that does not have all your styles in it, you can click
on Change Styles and then click on the Style Set you saved as your default.
Those "default" styles are then added to the document and saved with it when
you save it again.

Cyndie Browning
Tulsa, OK

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