Missing Ntfs.sys file



I got a blue screen error stating that the ntfs.sys file is either missing or
corrupt. In checking /System32/Drivers/ the Ntfs.sys file is missing.

The problem is that the OS is a pre-loaded Windows XP Home version and I'm
unable to get the ntfs.sys file from the recovery disk (I hate pre loaded
systems!!). I do have a Win XP Pro CD for my other pc, and my question
is..."can I use the ntfs.sys file from the Pro CD to replace the XP Home

Any help would be great.


What is your computer make and model?


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
Enquire, plan and execute


As far as I know the ntfs.sys files are the same between Pro and Home,
and copying it from the CD to your system could be helpful; although this
particular file going missing might indicate a different problem and
replacing it might not be the solution to that problem.
Check that the file is not hidden first.

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