Missing IP Addresses




I have a laptop with Windows 2000 that was working fine
until yesterday. I used to be able to dial up using my
mindspring account. I talked to Mindspring Tech Support
who walked me through some steps and determined that I am
missing an IP address. I typed in CMD at the Start and run
prompt. I then typed in something like IPConfig at the
DOS prompt but nothing came up. Is there a way to restore
my IP address or get another one?



Roedy Green

Is there a way to restore
my IP address or get another one?

There are two schemes. In one called DHCP they are automatically
assigned. You have only a temporary "lease" on the number. Rebooting
usually restores a lost one. Sometimes you must also power off and on
your cable modem and router.

in a DOS box you can type
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
to get a fresh IP presuming you are using Win2K.

In the other scheme, you have a permanently assigned static ip.

It will be a number like or if you are on a LAN it will
be a number like

You have to go into the control panel, network, LAN, properties,
internet protocol, properties where you can key it in. Your sysadmin
or ISP will tell you the number to use.

The first DHCP scheme is more common. It costs extra to get a
permanent IP.

see http://mindprod.com/jgloss/ip.html
and http://mindprod.com/jgloss/dhcp.html for more detail.
Aug 11, 2006
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Same problem

I know this thread is three years old, but I have the same problem and have yet to find a solution.

Just yesterday, I formatted my C partition and reinstalled Windows XP Professional SP2 (I am not running two OSes on one computer, if it matters), which is the same OS I was using prior to formatting. I am now unable to connect to the internet. Like Chuck, I also don't seem to have an IP address--I checked the same way he did.

Also, my modem doesn't seem to be detectable, no matter what I do. I contacted my ISP, and they simply told me to shut down my computer as well as to unplug my modem, wait two minutes, and start both back up. I tried several times, and my modem is still undetected.

I'm using a SMC Barricade (SMC7004VWBR) wireless broadband router, and an Ethernet cable. I know it's working correctly--others on my network are able to use the router just fine, and it worked for me, too, before I formatted and reinstalled Windows. If anyone has any idea how to help, it'll be greatly appreciated.

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