Missing DVD/ CD ROM Drives



I am unable to play CD's. In "My Computer" the CD ROM is now not showing,
however, in "Device Manager" it is there as all the drivers etc. I've looked
in the "Error Log" and can see 2 messages that come up and relate to the CD
These are:
1)CD Rom : The driver detected a controller error on

2)PlugPlayManager: The device 'COMBI RW16x10/DVD'
(IDE\CdRomCOMBI_RW16x10/DVD___ ____________________N1.1____\5
635324f33324434305334333032202 020202020) disappeared from the system without
first being prepared for removal.

Both messages ceased back in mid- September. Any restore points start in
October so I cannot restore to see if that helps.

Any ideas as to how to solve my problem.


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