Migrate 2000 Domain Controllers to 2003 Server




I have 2 Domain Controllers Running Windows 2000 Server - DC1 and DC2.
DC1 was installed first and has all the FSMO Roles on it.
DHCP Range 1 and DNS run on DC1. Licensing also runs on DC1.
DHCP Range 2 and DNS run on DC2.

I want to upgrade both DC1 and DC2 to Windows 2003 Server.

Made another Domain Controller - DC3, installed Windows 2003 Server on it
and ran DCPROMO.

Carried out a schema update on DC's.

DC3 is running on the domain OK.

Transferred all FSMO roles from DC1 to DC3.

Created a new DHCP Range 3 on DC3.

Stopped DHCP service running on DC1 and DHCP is running OK on DC3 now.

I turned DC1 off, to see how it affected the network.

Clients were very slow to logon and some were locked up.

Any advice on the above and Upgrading to 2003 server in general, would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance



Is your new DHCP farming out the correct WINS and DNS? Remember DC1 no
longer exists so you can't have it listed as either a DNS or WINS server.
Are DC2 and DC3 using DC1s WINS or DNS?
Did you release and renew the adaptor of the clients they may still have the
old lease from DHCP on DC1.

You will need to DCPROMO DC1 before you disconnect it permanently.
When you dcpromo the server it removes all references to itself in AD and DNS.


Thanks for the Info Wendel,

DC1 is still up and running at the moment and is the Primary Active
Directory Integrated DNS Server.

I have DNS running on DC2 (secondary) but not on DC3.

What is correct procedure to remove DNS from DC1???????

Do you just point all DHCP scopes to DC2 as the Primary DNS server?? and
then DCPROMO DC1 afterwards (to remove)??

Again, any help greatly appreciated.




It is always recommended that you have at least 2 DNS and WINS servers.
Install DNS and WINS on DC3.
Configure network TCPIP parameters DNS and WINS on all servers except DC1 to
use DC2 and DC3
Change DHCP scope options in DC3 so the clients are using DC2 and DC3 as
their DNS and WINS Servers. Release and renew the clients IPs. Check that
their DNS and WINS servers are DC2 and DC3.
Now you can shutdown DC1 and all should keep running.
If all is ok the fire up DC1 and then run DCPROMO and return it as a member
You can then remove it from the network.


Thanks again Wendel,

I will give it a try this week some time.

One other thing, I have Microsoft Licensing running on DC1.

Will this cause any problems when removing DC1 from the Domain??

What is the correct procedure for removing the Licensing from DC1 and
putting on a new DC???

Thanks in Advance


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