midi and voice playback devices not remembered



when i select either gs wavetable sw synth or mpu-401 in midi music playback
device, or realtek ac97 audio in voice playback device, in the sounds and
audio devices properties, and click apply, if i re-open the properties, the
settings are not remebered and both are blank again, this means i have no
windows sounds i.e the sounds when windows starts, shuts down etc. it also
causes problems with some internet flash sounds. any ideas? asus said it
might have been a problem with my motherboard, but ive had a new one since,
its happend to two of my systems now.


fixed it, boot up with ur windows xp cd in, and select install xp from the
menu, it'll then say uve already got a version installed and ask if u want to
repair it, choose yes, it'll look like its installing windows again but its
just repairing it, it'll ask you to put in driver cd for hardware etc, once
finished it should slove ur problem.


I managed to fix this doing the following:

Run regedit

navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32

There should be a string value there named 'wavemapper'. This was
missing on my machine.

I simply created this string - create a new string value with name
'wavemapper' and data as 'msacm32.drv'.

After doing this the playback device selection persists when it is
changed. I was also missing the 'midimapper' value. The data for this
key should be 'midimap.dll'.


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