Microsoft Word Maximum number of hyperlinks ?



I have a large Word 2000 file on a PC. A few days ago,
when I created new Hyperlinks, the new hyperlinks would
not work. Clicking on them took me to the top of the
document. -- ( I did not have any special characters in
the Hyperlink. I've been through that problem. )

I finally deleted a major section of the document with a
lot of Hyperlinks. Now I can add new Hyperlinks that
work once again. This document was about 1100 pages.
(Not my longest document which is about 1600 pages and
has hyperlinks)

So, I'm trying to find some answers:

1. What is the Maximum Number of Hyperlinks you can have
in a Microsoft Word Document. I expect different answers
based on which version. I'm interested in Word 2000 and
in Word XP. (Or maybe it's not a Maximum Number, but a
Maximum amount of characters in all the Hyperlinks.)

2. How can you check how much of this Maximum your
document is using.

If anyone has any ideas, please reply. Or if you know
how to send this question directly to the Microsoft
Technical Group, please reply.

Thanks for the help,

Jim 2003-10-07 jrf


Hyperlinks are fields, of which the maximum in a document is 32000. But
you're likely to hit computer memory and performance limits long before you
get to that number.

Why make life so hard for yourself? Working with such large documents makes
*everything* a challenge, both for you and for the software.
Dec 31, 2018
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I have the exact problem. Large documents in the range of 800 pages to 1600 pages. When too many Hyperlinks have been added, the next one added will not work. It will take you to the top of the document.
These are reference documents that are updated all the time. Knowledge that I use daily.
When this problem happens, I split the document into two documents. Then new hyperlinks work again until one of the new documents gets too many hyperlinks and it has to be split.
Started with one document about 15 years ago. With all the splitting we are now up to 10 documents.
This has happened with previous versions of Word. Now running Word 2010. Same problem still exists.
Would gladly upgrade to a newer version of Word if it could take more hyperlinks.
Their may be a maximum number ??? or even a maximum storage area - in which case the text length may overwrite some storage area ???
Don't know the answer. Would sure like to get an answer from Microsoft or someone.

In previous comment: "Hyperlinks are fields, ... max 32000" -- No, I'm sure I do NOT have 32000 hyperlinks in any of the documents. So that is not what's causing the problem.

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