microsoft windows update



i have tried to up date my computer for the longest time, I have yet to do so
my computer is set to automatic update but i always receive error, windows
installer is missing or corrupted, now what can i do i just dont understand

Bill Sanderson

Engel has given excellent advice.

In case you find the long list of things to try daunting, you can also call
Microsoft and speak to a Human Being (for free!)
to get this fixed.

This difficulty qualifies for free support for security patch, virus, or
spyware related problems.

If you are in the U.S. or Canada you can call 1-866-pcsafety (don't worry
about that extra digit!)--for free help with issues relating to security
patches (or inability to obtain them!), virus, or spyware infections.

If you are elsewhere in the world, the call may not be toll-free, but the
help will be. Call the nearest number in your locale for Microsoft support,
and ask for the free help as described above.

You can also open a free support incident via email:

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news:[email protected]...

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