Windows 10 Windows 10 KB3087040 update saga


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Mar 5, 2002
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"Adobe rolled out an out-of-band update for Flash Player yesterday, so Microsoft delivered its very own patch a few hours after that in order to keep Windows systems running Internet Explorer protected (Flash Player is now built into Internet Explorer, so Microsoft is the one patching systems, not Adobe)."

about time

"But it turns out that the update that Microsoft’s shipping to computers actually fails to install with error 0x80004005 and the very same behavior is experienced after a reboot or several.

For the moment, it appears that this is more or less related to some corrupt files that are located on the target computer, but it’s not yet clear if these items are indeed corrupt or Windows Update incorrectly detects them as being so.

Posts on several forums online indicate that there is indeed a problem with KB3087040, but Microsoft is yet to provide a workaround or reissue the patch."

on my system, Win 10 has made 4 attempts to "auto-install" this patch



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