Microsoft Windows Security Center Disabled



While running a check, the message came up that the security center is
disabled which will not allow me to get any updates or install my anti virus.
(Purchased a new one) Message # 2 IE search provider default - A program
has corrupted your default search provider settings. IE has reset this to
original provider.
First I suppose I need to enable the security center so I can get updates.
How do I do that? Something going on here because my PC is acting strange and
totally freezing up every time I use. Any suggestions?

Mick Murphy

It sounds like you are infected with Spyware/Malware.
You don't say what Anti-virus, you are trying to install.

Download, install, update and scan with Malwarebytes and Spybot Search &
If you can not get to their websites, reboot and do everything in Safe Mode
with Networking.
All info below:

Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6 is a very good, FREE Anti-Spyware Program.
Download, install, update, and immunize your System with it.
Then SCAN with it.
Update it, and scan your System once a fortnight.

Malwarebytes is as the name says, a Malware Remover!
For the Free version scroll down their page to either download from, or Major

Download, install, and update.

Important re: Safe Mode
If you happen to find a problem that you can’t uninstall / delete, reboot
the computer, and go into Safe Mode.
To get into Safe mode, tap F8 right at Power On / Startup, and use UP arrow
key to get to Safe Mode from list of options, then hit ENTER.
RESCAN your computer with your Anti-Virus, Malwarebytes and Spybot S & D
while in Safe Mode.

If unable to install above Programs in Normal Mode:
Sometimes Trojans, Viruses, Malware, etc stop you installing and/or updating
Programs to remove them.
If that happens, reboot into Safe Mode with Networking (from F8 list of
Startup Options), and install, update and scan from there.

Mick Murphy

Also forget to mention, stop visiting bad sites which get you into this mess
in the first place.
Go here and download this Pills/Tools and your machine will arose from the
Bear in mind there is a Spoofer called himself Mad mick spoofing me but he
is NASS and his friend Leonard Ignore them please!
Mad Mick
MyAddress: PO Box 2131
City: Milton
StateProv: QLD
PostalCode: 4064
Country: AU

Mick Murphy

Milton is NOT a city.
And there are NO provinces in Australia.
You are a laughed at LOSER!

If you are going to lie, get your facts right, clown.

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