Microsoft Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close.



When I try to open Outlook 2000 I get the message "Microsoft Outlook has
encountered a problem and needs to close". . I have uninstalled and
reinstalled Office which includes Outlook. I can use Outlook Express. I hve
disabled Norton antivirus programs. Any suggestions?



Arun Menon

Please try Outlook /Safe on the Run Dialog box. Check if this command works.
If the above command works then please rename the Outlook Dat files-
outcmd.dat, extend.dat, frmcache.dat, views.dat (Search and find them) and
then try opening Outlook normally.

If Outlook /safe does not work then:
1) Please try to Find the Modname from the Error report.
2) Try a new Profile in Outlook.
3) If you have Norton Anti-Spam, please uninstall Norton AntiSpam as it may
be conflicting with Outlook .

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