microsoft - other hardware - hid Non-user input data filter



I have Vista Ultimate and I need this update to fix my screen saver/wireless
mouse issues, and I can not find this update anywhere. When I go to Windows
update, there is no optional updates, hardware updates or custom updates

Where can I find this update?

Richard G. Harper

Have you checked the update history to see if it's already installed?


My screen save does not work with my wireless optical mouse 2000. I updated
the mouse driver with Microsoft IntelliPoint 6.2. This fixed the problem. A
few weeks later, I had same problem. I uninstalled the update and
reinstalled it and it fixed the problem. Now the problem is back.
Uninstalling and reinstalling has not worked this time.
I have been looking for the Microsoft – Other Hardware – HID non-user input
data filter update but cannot find it. I went to the support site you
recommended and then linked to This
just opens my windows update screen that I can get to from the windows update
in the star menu. I can`t find this update anywhere in the Windows update.
My computer is up to date with all the available downloads, including the
latest service pack. The update I am looking for does not show up anywhere
in the installed updates list, so I don`t have it installed already. Can I
still get this update?
I have also referred to article 913405 which tells me to turn off the
PCMservice.exe program. I followed all steps to remove this from the System
Configuration, but it was not anywhere in the start-up tab. I tried to
remove the PowerDVD program, but I can`t find it either.
Do you have any suggestions on what to do next?



Thanks for the information, but I still can't find the HID Non-user input
data filter update. I have read a number of articles and blogs and it seems
that the people that have found this update are happy with the results.
However, there are a few people like me, that just seem to be going around in
circles and are not able to find this update anywhere. Is there a different
name or number for this update that will help me find it in Windows update?

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