WOW! Screen saver and Power options work . . . at last!




Last June, I installed Vista Beta and bought Microsoft USB wireless Keybord
and Mouse 6000.
The Screen saver and Power options did not work.
Th same problem with Vista RC1.
The same problem with with Vista RC2
The same problem with Vista RTM Ultimate.

But, since yesterday night, it works . . . at last!

The only thing I installed yesterday is this update coming from Windows

Microsoft - Other Hardware - HID Non-User Input Data Filter

Installation date: 2007-02-05 20:13

Installation status: Successful

Update type: Optional

Microsoft Other Hardware sofware update released in January, 2007

More information:

More information:

And it works!!!!

Have a nice day!

P.S. At last, I see the beautiful Bubbles screen saver!

PC : ASUS P5N32-Sli Deluxe, 4 GIG, Nvidia 7900GTX


I'm glad you posted this. A friend has been pestering me about this, and I
told her to just get a non-wireless keyboard and mouse. I guess now she gets
to start using batteries again.

What's up with that, BTW? Why do people who use keyboards and mice that use
batteries worry about saving power? Heh. I used to use the wireless stuff,
but I got annoyed by the lousy Microsoft software (IntelliPoint / IntelliType
my *ss!). So I'd unisntall the software and then suffer from keyboard and
mouse issues as the batteries got low. And then I wouldn't have the danged
batteries on hand. That's a lot of hassle for something that's supposed to be
making my life more convenient. I'd rather untagle the damned wires!

But you're absolutely right about the bubbles. Nice, beautiful bubbles!



Thanks for the heads up. Since it was an optional update that didn't say
anything about the screensaver or power options I would have normally passed
it by but I've installed it and sure enough I have bubbles now too. Now if
only the sleep option will work I'll be tickled blue.


No tickled blue for me, sure enough screensaver works but sleep mode just
wakes up immediately after the computer goes to sleep.

Oh well, I'll have to keep looking for a solution.

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