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Running Windows/XP SP1, Windows 2000 and Win 98 on three
separate PCs networked using Microsoft Network. Can
access files and use (2) shared printers on the Win 98 PC
from the Windows 2000 PC. When I try to access files on
the Win 98 PC from Windows XP PC, get message "\\pcname
not accessible. You might not have permission to use this
network resource....". When I open My Network Places on
the Windows XP PC and click on "View Workgroup
Computers", I can see the Win 98 PC but double clicking
on it does not display the network resources and get the
message above.

Can anybody help ?


FYI...The Windows 2000 can access resources on Windows XP
(files and printers) flawlessly and vice versa.

Thanks again for any help


Ensure that all firewalls are disabled. Disable or remove
other personal firewalls while troubleshooting.

Make sure each computer has the workgroup names and
subnet mask is the same on all computers. The subnet mask
should be Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on
all machines.



Eric, turned-off the firewall on the Win98 and Windows
XP, it worked (with one exception, see below), will take-
up the problem with Symantec.

Even with firewalls off on both Win 98 and Windows XP
PCs, from Win 98 PC I can only see files on the Windows
XP's C: drive under one account and files not belonging
to any account. For other accounts, I cannot access
their files even with the users signed-on to their
accounts. Any ideas here ?

Thanks again,

Pat Garard

Check the sharing on the Win98 PC - make sure that the
drives, folders (or whatever) that you want to access over
the Network are available.
Pat Garard

Anne & Pat Garard.

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