Microsoft Fax distorted printing




I have been using Microsoft Fax and outlook to fax for a few years
without problems but over the past 2 months I am getting complaints
from clients that the faxes I send them are distorted. What is
happening is the first 4 inches of the fax comes through then it cuts
and inch prints another couple inches miss an inch etc. It does not
leave blank spaces just cuts the text out like it wasn't there and
continues from the next section. The modem is installed as a generic
windows 33600 modem without any compression.

It seems like communication drop outs or a compression error when the
fax at the other end trys to decipher the fax.

Everything we receive is fine though.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Provide complete details on how you are rendering and sending the fax.
Clarify your versions.

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