Microsoft Fax and Telstra Duet problem



I have recently subscribed to the Telstra Duet service. The fax worked
beautifully in both send and receive mode but unfortunately now answers the
voice ring tone and ignores the fax ring tone.

Telstra told me to adjust the ring tone that the fax responds to but I annot
find this setting anywhere in the fax settup or on the modem.

I am running XP Pro on a compaq pentium III. The modem is a PCI Soft V92.

Can you please help get the fax to recognise the Telstra fax ring tone and
pick up on that?




Hal Hostetler [MVP-S/U]

Windows XP does not support Distinctive Ring:
Distinctive Ring Is Not Supported by Windows 2000 Fax

Some third party hardware devices can provide a work-around:
Emerson Switchboard

You can adjust the number of rings required for Fax to answer by opening the
Fax Console and going to 'Tools|Fax Printer

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