Microsoft exec confirms that Windows 10 S will become a ‘mode’ rather than a separate OS in 2019


Mar 25, 2003
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Microsoft's lightweight operating system, Windows 10 S, was released less than a year ago, but today Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore confirmed via Twitter that this will change in 2019. Instead of Windows 10 S being a separate operating system, it will become a mode of Windows 10. Tech Radar has more:

This makes it clear that Windows 10 S (which launched last May) won’t be continuing in its current form of a separate version of the OS. Rather, as of next year, it will be a mode that other existing versions of Windows 10 can operate in.

As you’re probably aware, as it stands, Windows 10 S is essentially a lightweight version of the desktop operating system that only allows for the installation of apps from the Microsoft Store.

While that’s obviously restrictive, it confers some advantages on the security front because only apps vetted by Microsoft can be used, as well as offering easy configuration of settings across, say, a bunch of students' laptops.


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