messages not downloaded immediately when Outlook opens



how do i config oulook 2007 to download / receive my emails as soon as i open
Outlook - like those in the Windows Mail / Outlook Express.

currently i have to click on the Send/Receive | Drop Down | Send/Receive All
so that my email messages are downloaded from server to my PC.

also - how can i config Outlook 2007 to send emails immediately as soon as i
click the SEND button? currently, newly composed messages are stored in the
DRAFTS folder then send automatically every 30 minutes.

the case is that when i compose new message | click the SEND button - i
close outlook as sson as i click the SEND button - then turn OFF my PC. when
i turn ON my PC after several hours, and check my emails, the messages are
still in the DRAFT folder.




Tools>Options>Mail Setup
Tick send immediately when connected
Send/Receive Btn:
Include this Group
Schedule an automatic.......... every xx minutes (Not less than 10) BTW 30
minutes is the default set up option

Are you sure sent msgs are stored in the Drafts Folder & not in the Outbox,
prior to sending


yost of these issues can be solved in the default settings. I can't get into
me own Outlook right now for my own problems but I think you can find the
setting buttons in the options button on the taskbar. When I get up and
running I will send a more detailed answer


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