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Outlook 2007 issue

My customer forwards an e-mail (i.e. a specific one) to himself online via
an HTML e-mail account (Comcast). The e-mail is a thread having several
replies & forwards, all in the body of the message He picks it up via POP on
his Outlook 2007 account. The message appears truncated; the last couple of
forward/reply messages (i.e. most recent, at the top of the message, just
below his current forward message) have been neatly removed. It does the same
whether he forwards it to his Comcast account or to a separate POP mail -
when he views the message online, it is all there, but when he opens it in
Outlook 2007, the recent content just before his current message is missing.

He forwards the exact same message to me, and I receive all of it (Outlook
2003 via POP).

Ideas? I ran him through Office 2007 SP2, but to no avail.

Roady [MVP]

He probably has something installed that mangles the message when it is
being received. Most likely a virus scanner that integrates itself with
Outlook. Uninstall this integration of his virus scanner and try again.
For details see;


The user has no AV software installed on his computer. I verified this via
Program Files first, then Outlook even attested to this fact in Trust Center
-> Programmatic Access, where it indicated Antivirus status: Invalid (or not
installed, I cannot remember the exact wording).

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