Forward vs Alias



I have a user who receives "forwarded" e-mail from another one of his
addresses. When he hits "reply," the To: address shows the address it was
forwarded from. He wants to be able to respond to the e-mail originator but
can't with current settings.

If we changed the "forwarded" e-mail address to an alias to his primary
account, would it still go to the orginal address it was sent to or would it
go to the originator of the e-mail itself?



Roady [MVP]

You might want to start with explaining which email configuration you are
doing this with and why you are putting "forwarded" between quotes. Is it
not an actual forward?

If we are talking about Exchange here and about a single mailbox with
multiple SMTP addresses and the other email address is now one of those
addresses, then yes; when pressing reply, you will reply to the original
sender as delivery is directly to the mailbox.



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Can the forwarding account forward as attachment? That would solve the
problem - he can reply to the attachment and can even drop it into a folder
so it’s a message of its own.

Otherwise, you need to redirect, not forward, so the headers aren't

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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