"Merging" .pst files



I have just purchased a new PC running Windows 7 and have installed Office
2007. This will replace an old XP PC with, amongst other things, several
years of emails on it (also Outlook 2007). And as the new PC has been used
for a few days, there are already a handful of email messages in Outlook.

I am confident enough to copy the .pst file from the old PC and put it on
the new PC, but if I use File \ Open \ Outlook Data File to open the copied
data file I will end up with two "Personal Folders" entries in the Navigation
pane - the old, copied one and the new one. What I want is to end up with a
single set of "merged" Personal Folders that will contain all my old emails
from the XP PC, plus the few new ones that have come through on the Win7

I'm thinking:
A. copy the .pst file from the old PC to the new one,
B. set the old (copied) data file as the default delivery location,
C. with both sets of Personal Folders open, manually click and drag
to move the few new emails to the old folder,
D. close the new Personal Folders
E. close Outlook
F. delete the new .pst file.

So, my questions are:
1. Should this work, or am I missing something obvious?
2. If I do this, I assume I'll get an error when I restart Outlook as one of
data files will be missing. Any way to avoid or fix this?




Russ Valentine

Should work. You'll get no error message. Outlook only complains if you
delete its default file, not others. Just make sure you disconnect any PST
file from Outlook before you delete it.

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