Meeting Not Displayed in Shared Calendar



Appointment from Rhonda Harper at 9:00 AM Re-Occurs on Thursdays. It does not
show up on Randys' Calendar although he is an attendee who has accepted for
this meeting. When Randy created another test meeting re-occurring during the
same time period he could see the appointment in his calendar but Kerri could
not see the appointment in Randys' calendar although she is able to view his
shared calendar! Additionally the free/busy view for Randy does not show he
has an appointment either. The missing Rhonda Harper appointment does not
appear on Randys' BlackBerry device either. Tried running "Outlook.exe
/cleanfreebusy" on both machines to no effect. Tried re-creating both of
their email profiles to no effect. What can I do to correct this?



James Luo

You said that Randy has accepted the meeting request from Rhonda, but the
meeting has just disappeared, right?
Have you also checked the meeting request via OWA?
Is there any trace of the missing meeting request in other folders on
Randy's mailbox? Like, Deleted Items folder
Please verify if the meeting request had really gone by using MFCMAPI,
which will show the mailbox data in raw type

Does Kerri unable to see all calendar items on Randy's calendar?
What's the permissions Randy has given to Kerri? Does it work before?
Could Kerri see your calendar items if you share the same permission level
as Randy did?
Please also test the issue on a brand new machine for Kerri

MFCMAPI January 2010 Release
Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Editor

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