Media Detection in Removable Storage Manager



I'm looking at using multiple DVD's to use as a backup media using ntbackup,
currently I'm using a bit of a hack to drop the backup file straight onto a
disc, but that's not going to last long, from everything I've read it should
be possible to use Removable Storage...

So far the Removable Storage Manager only shows discs as CD-ROM when they
are in fact DVD+RW. I created a new media library and group, but when I
insert discs I can't get them into the group as they're detected incorrectly.
RSM has options for CD-RW and DVD-R so again it should be able to take them
and work once I get the media recognised. The drive is an NEC DVD RW

I'm not sure if it's a real brain teaser or if I'm missing something obvious?

* Also I'd like to use RSM to help me keep an index of all the CD's / DVD's
that I've burned so that I can search them again later, although I'm not sure
if/how removable storage hooks into the Indexing service.


Thanks Steve -

Looks like a workable plan 'b' but I was really looking for something not
involving 3rd party software where possible, everything I've looked at infers
that I shouldn't need it though.

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