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Robert Galloway

My name is Alias. I'm crazy. I have no life outside this newsgroup. I
virtually live in this place to scream pro-Linux slogans and spread my
Lias.I have no friends except for my two equally crazy buddies Hardon
and Kevin J o h n P a n z k e. We are all very sick, twisted mental
cases in desperate need of intensive help. We attack everybody for no
reason except for kicks. We are losers. Nuts, really weird. Some call
us nuts. Crazy, degenerates, perverts.

They are right, we are! Me lie. Me like to lie. I lie all the time
about everything. Because I'm crazy. Me Alias I own business. Can't
remember the name of my business. Me smart. Set up 17 computers. Oh...
no, that's all lias. Me Alias the crazy one. Me called Microsoft for
help. No do myself. Me crazy. I no tell you truth. I can not, I rather
lie. We are obsessed with Loonux. We love Linus Torvalds and Open
Sores Softwarez which generate no jobs & no economy. That no lie. I
don't think.

Ubuntu is the best OS ever, honest, we know, remember we're crazy, so
you listen. Don't listen to anybody but us three, we're crazy.
Everybody here is nuts and stupid, but not us. Oh wait, I said before
we were crazy. Well, if you are crazy you don't know it, but you think
everybody else is crazy. Is that crazy? Oh my head hurts trying to
think. Was that thinking? I don't know, me crazy Alias. I'm the leader
Alias of the Useful Idiots Club. I also use FB, for my last name. My
last name is bastard or is it bonehead. I am that. Really. Did I
mention I'm crazy? FYI, yes, I am crazy. I'm Alias. I like pigs. I
like sheep, oh do I ever like sheep. Wink, wink, you know how K e v i
n P a n z k e like sheep, go behind shed and have fun with sheep.
Sheep good. Capin Crunch oh boy good, good stuff. Eat all the time
with sheep milk. Frank try to milk sheep. Boy sheep, it goes bahhhh!
My pal Spanky is sometimes more crazy than I am. I once saw it naked
and oh my God it, is well I don't know, man, woman, both, neither, I
Alias, don't know. She, I think it a she, sometimes, is a nasty bitch.
She, no he, oh, it, posts under dozens of names. Crazy like me.

Hardon, my other friend in entire world he a he I think, remember me
crazy Alias, don't know, me handsome I think, I said so. Chrisv is
crazy too. Filthy mouth on that dude. Stupid, oh, did I say that?
Yeah... Me Alias, crazy, my friends crazy too. You read what we write.
Never make sense, remember I crazy, my two friends both crazy. We lie,
we spew crap. We crazy Just FYI. I got to go. Need to take my
medicine. I'm feeling dizzy. Call me Kevin. Crazy, that's me Alias.
Just FYI.


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