Master Boot Record & "Image" Programmes



Do image programs like Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost restore a good
master boot record ?

I ask this because i updated Norton Systemworks 2002 to 2003 and had to
uninstall 2002 (which included goback) before installing 2003.

I had problems with NSW 2003 Goback program and after instal my computer
would not progress further than the goback screen, which appears before
Windows is loaded, and would not respond to mouse or keyboard.

I managed a clean reinstall of Windows via recovery discs from Computer
manufacturer, but my programs and settings had to be reinstalled, time

I didn't want this situation to happen again so used "Acronis True Image" to
make a bootable CD and I also backed up ( imaged) the whole of the drive
using this programme. I then reinstalled Goback.

The reason for writing . If Goback messed up the master boot record as I
suspect was the case of my original problem if I later have problems
,possibly when I update again to a newer version of Systemworks, will the
Acronis True Image restore a working Master Boot Record ? (I have had no
prior experience of Imaging programs.)

I should mention that i have never had a problem before with Goback before
under xp or 4years with a Windows 98 system.

Thanks for any info.




Larry Samuels

Using GoBack is asking for trouble on XP (or any system for that matter).
Any change to the MBR can leave the system stuck in a GoBack reboot loop
where a total system wipe is the only recovery option.

Larry Samuels MS-MVP (Windows-Shell/User)
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I've had good luck restoring with ghost with very few problems. no
experience with acronis though.

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