Massive Outlook Problem: OLE Registration Error

Discussion in 'Microsoft Outlook Installation' started by Jim Speiser, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Jim Speiser

    Jim Speiser Guest

    My daughter's lame excuse of a boyfriend got into
    my 'puter and messed it up somethin' fierce. I've got it
    almost straightened out, except for one very scary problem
    with Outlook: I get an OLE Registration Error when I try
    to run Outlook.

    System: Pentium IV 1.2 GHz, 256 MB RAM, Windows ME.
    Outlook 2000 Small Business. Don't know if it's SR-1.
    Internet Mail mode.

    Brief History:
    "Boyfriend" attempted to set up his own login under
    Windows ME so that he wouldn't disturb my data, but messed
    with my dial-up networking icon, trying to copy it to his
    newly-created desktop. That, of course, doesn't work. He
    also did something to Internet Explorer, and while it
    works OK, it gives me an error upon starting up the
    computer, saying that it can't set itself up because it's
    already set up, or something.

    Upon wresting control of the computer, I launched
    Outlook. It worked OK at first, except that it would not
    get my mail. Clicked SEND/RECEIVE, the submenu said "No
    mail accounts" and that was grayed out. Clicked TOOLS |
    ACCOUNTS, got a long-winded error about OLE Registration,
    and to re-run setup. All other functions in Outlook
    seemed to work.

    Steps taken so far:
    Searched for two days for original install disks, finally
    found them. Backed up *.pst files. Uninstalled previous
    Office installation. Re-ran Office setup from scratch from
    Disk 1. Install completed "successfully" (hah!).
    Attempted to run Outlook, now I get the following error:
    "An OLE registration error occurred. The program is not
    correctly installed. Run setup again." At which point the
    program exits completely, so now I have no Outlook
    functions. Ran Office repair utility, which basically just
    re-runs the previous installation. No effect. Searched
    Windows Knowledge Base on "OLE REGISTRATION ERROR," no

    I've GOT to get this fixed, I depend on Outlook. Any
    suggestions? Besides skinning "boyfriend"?

    Jim Speiser, Jul 29, 2003
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  2. Jim Speiser

    Robert Crayk Guest

    What did he do to Internet Explorer as there were problems a while ago with
    Outlook and Internet explorer in particular concerning upgrading and then
    Robert Crayk, Jul 29, 2003
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  3. Jim Speiser

    Jim Speiser Guest

    I don't know what he did, exactly, but it no longer
    matters. I finally took the d*mn thing in to Data Doctors
    and told them to upgrade the whole thing to XP.

    I guess I should tell you what happened since I posted
    that message. I went back to the Knowledge Base and typed
    in the search term "OLE Registration." I immediately got
    several hits, the first of which contained "OLE
    Registration Error," which is what I had typed in the
    first time. Oy vay. So it tells me that this can be
    corrected by re-installing Internet Explorer AND Outlook
    EXPRESS, for some reason. So I pop in my Office 2000 CD
    and re-install IE5 (after removing IE6) and Outlook
    Express. Reboot, and immediately a sign of trouble: The
    IE install wizard wants to run again. I cancelled out of
    it, thinking, been there done that, and I log into my user
    profile. I get my desktop background and my opening
    music, and an error saying "Explorer has caused an error
    in SHELL32.DLL. Explorer will now close." And that's the
    end of that. Happens every time I log in. End of Windows

    I am a computer professional with 20 years experience, and
    I had to take the thing into a shop, because I'm TIRED of
    it all. I HATE these d*mn things!
    Jim Speiser, Jul 31, 2003
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