outlook 2003 & " an ole registration error occurred"



Hi, i uninstalled a copy of office 2007 on a pc, then replaced it with
office 2003.
Each time the user opens outlook, she is seeing an error message saying "
an ole registration error occurred, please repair or reinstall the

I have do both and the problem persists, is it due to office 2007 leaving
some residue behind when i uninstalled it?
Is there a clean up tool like with office 2k?



I would remove all instances of Office and then reinstall it, download
windows cleanup utillity to completely remove and get the registry keys too.


I have the same problem. I uninstalled Office 2007 and reinstalled Office
2003. I can use Word and html as my editor, and my signature works.
However, when I press the Send/Receive button, I get the ole error. I have
tried reinstalling 2003 again (repair) and I have tried registering the
ole32.dll. Neither helped.

Anything else I can try?

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