mapped external drive, some folders not visible?



I have two computers on my LAN. I have a folder on one of the PCs
(D:\MP3s) that has about 40GB of music, etc. I shared this folder and
on the other PC, I mapped a drive pointed at that folder.

The problem is, some of the folders and files are not visible when I
explore the mapped drive. For instance D:\rock\brian wilson\smile\
appears on the first PC, but when I look in Z:\rock\ (on the mapped
drive on the second PC) the Brian Wilson folder is not present.

I estimate the mapped drive only "sees" about half of what I have.

Don't know what to make of it, really. Any advice appreciated.



I figured out it was because I have the KB885250 security update
installed on my PC. I removed the update and I was able to see all the
files on the mapped drive. I reapplied the hotfix and the problem came

Guess I am waiting on SP3...

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