Mapped Drives



I have a silly problem.

I have recently taken over the network of 60 computers. I have windows
server 2003. All users have mapped drives to shares on the server. The
problem is, that when users log on they see all the shares, even the ones
they dont have access to. I want the mapped drives that they only have
access too to be seen. And not connect the ones they dont have access to.

I removed the logon script that points to the drives, and yet they are still
showing up. Any ideas how to not have all the drives reconnect at logon? I
disconnected the drives, and when we reboot they are still there.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in Advance


This is happening because they are 'persistent' shares, which is the default
in NT-based systems. To stop this happening, add a line


to the top of your script. You only need to do this once for a logon-session.

As for "share cleanup" as I call it, there is AFAIK no inbuilt function to
do this, but it can be achieved with a small script which checks the rights
on each mapping and disconnencts those which don't have the Read property.

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