Drive mapping lost



Hello there! I have an annoyance that started minor but is now becoming a
real problem. The computers on our network have been randomly losing their
drive mappings. They are set up to automatically load via script file and do
so on most computers. The user has full access once mapped manually. This
is only happening to XP machines and our network uses server 2003. We have
looked into timeout issues and that is not it as well as power settings on
the affected users but that doesnt appear to be the problem either.
Typically something as simple as a logoff/logon corrects the problem but not
always. Any ideas what could be the problem and how to correct it??????

-- Jeremy Mcgee


What report does a NET USE command return? does it list no mappings, or does
it show them as 'disconnected' ?


Well luckily today we havent had an issue arise yet but it could happen
anytime. Im expecting them to not appear at all, but i cant verify that.


Finally reproduced itself. Net share command doesnt show they are listed.
When i tried to pull up the users it gave me a system error 6118. I copied
the batch file directly to the desktop so that when they disappear its as
simple as clicking it and they are back. I can still manually map to them as
well as run every application that has to have connectivity to the network to
work. Im moving away from the users computer to active directory now. I
cant imagine the script is the issue seeing how it works for almost everyone.
Any ideas?

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