Managing Contacts and related address book distribution lists

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Jenn in Davidson

I have over 2000 contacts to import and map to appropriate fields in Outlook.

II want to create distribution lists for the groups within my contact

I those distribution lists that automatically update when I change the
e-mail addresses within the contacts - can that be done?

Russ Valentine

No. DL's will not autoupdate. Even if you manually run "Update Now" for a
DL, it will not work. Most of us gave up on DL's a long time ago because
they are so unreliable and featureless. Microsoft put no effort into their
development and seemingly never intended for us to use them.
I assume you are importing because your Contact data it is not in Outlook
data format? If not, then you should not use import to create Contacts. If
your Contact data is in non-Outlook format, then you should use a third
party importer like Contact Genie. Outlook's Import Wizard is too
dysfunctional to trust, unless you don't mind losing data. --
Russ Valentine

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