Mail Stuck in Outbox on Terminal Server.



Hi All

I have a strange problem which I hope I am posting in the correct

Recently users mail has started to sit in their Outbox ONLY when
they're logged into the terminal server. Their desktops are not

We use roaming profiles which also roam to the TS (2003 Server) but
these are NOT configured using the terminal server profile tab in AD.
They are standard roaming profiles set via the profile tab in AD.

This only started happening after I configured a second POP account
for all staff in their Outlook to connect to an external failover

This second POP account doesn't work either when the Outbox problem

To clear the fault I have to shadow their session, delete the current
Outlook profile and then I have a custom .PRF file I run which auto
configures all the accounts in Outlook.

As soon as I do this all the mail in the Outbox clears and mail
continues as normal. For some this is a permanent fix for others it
may last a few weeks before it starts again and I have to repeat the

When logged into their desktops they use Cached Mode in Outlook 2003.
When logged into the TS cached mode is disabled via a GPO so they are
directly connected to the Exchange.

Exchange is fine during all this.

Any ideas it's driving me and the staff crazy...

Thanks in advance.


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