Mail Recipient problem



When I write an email, for instance, to someone called Karmen with an email
address '(e-mail address removed)'. When I enter the letter 'k' in the 'recipient'
column, her address is shown as one of the options of email addresses
started with letter 'k'. However, when I choose the address
'(e-mail address removed)', the recipient column would show that there is a lot of
space entered after that address, so that the mail could not be recognized
by the email server, claiming that there is no such a domain name as
' '.

I have deleted and re-enter the email address in the address book. And I
have checked all other configurations of Outlook but still could not figure
out what's going on. Such problem happens occationally, about once in a
week. I've asked other senders who have sent emails to that address whether
they have encountered such a problem but they say no.

Happy to hear from you a solution, and why such a problem occur. Thanks.

K. Orland

Hi Mary

What you're seeing is a nickname list which is not related to your contacts.
The nickname list comes up with the most recently-used email addresses. If
one is wrong, simply highlight & delete it.


Can I stop the "recently-used email addresses" not to jump in the nickname
list anymore ?

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