mail merge a meeting request



Using Outlook 2003, I am interested in seeing if anyone has an idea if
it is possible to perform a mail merge that includes a meeting request
for a LiveMeeting.

Currently, we make online meeting invitations in Word and mail merge
them in Outlook to invite a large group of attendees. However,
tracking RSVPs is difficult, as we either create a separate
registration link or expect reply emails indicating attendance.

For small meetings with my client, I use a LiveMeeting toolbar in
Outlook that allows me to create a LiveMeeting event, list it in my
calendar, and invite attendees/presenters. However, this would not be
feasible for a large group necessarily because I am forced to type in
each recipient.

I'd like to be able to setup LiveMeetings with my Outlook calendar and
use a mail merge invitation to invite participants. Anyone have any




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Check with the live meeting group (microsoft.public.livemeeting) to be sure,
but AFAIK, no, you can't mailmerge to the live meeting invite. But... the
experts in live meeting would know for sure.

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