Group meeting template?

Jun 12, 2014
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I am sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't see anything which covers this.
I have a block of meeting invites I need to send out each time we have a new starter. This is to allocate various people to do different inductions. New starters don't recur on a standard day (i.e. each Monday) and also sometimes dependant on the role of the starter I may need to invite someone different for certain parts.
So for example I might have
09:30-10am induction 1 - inviting person a
11:00-12:00 induction 2 - inviting person b
13:00-14:00 lunch - inviting person c
14:30 - person a to collect paperwork given to the new starter in induction 1
15:00 - induction 3 - inviting person d
16:00 - induction 4 - inviting person e

It always follows the same timings/orders of the inductions but person A-E might change.
I have made templates of the individual meeting invites, but its still quite a faff to amend the date/time/person each time for each induction slot.

Is there a way of creating a group template, which has different timeslots for different people, or having some way of grouping this set of inductions so that I can just add it to the calendar in a less manual fashion?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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