lsass.exe System Error - Object name not found



I get this message the moment before the Loging Screen for Windows XP Home
Edition appears.

I updated my anivirus program while searching for something on Google. After
the update, I disconnected from the internet and shut down my PC. Up to that
point I had no problems.

The next time when I started my PC, I got the above message. When I click on
OK, my PC just reboots.

I have tried using my Recovery CD, using the Repair options available,
without any success. All the answers I can find on here and on other sites,
go with the viewpoint that I am running Windows and have access to all the
usual stuff. This is of no use to me as I don't even get a login screen,
never mind being able to log in and get to anything.

I don't have backups of my data (stupid, I know) and can't afford to loose
any of it. I need HELP, people. This Notebook has given me more trouble the
12 months I've had it than my desktop has in the 3 years I've had it.


LSASS.EXE is the local security authentication service. If this doesn't
start, your computer will be unable to log you on. This is why it is
happening before you can log on. You don't say what Service Pack you are
using, so I'll try to be as generic as I can. Basically you need to
reinstall the file.

If you have a service pack look here:

Boot in safe mode
Start -> RUN -> CMD
copy c:\windows\"service pack files"\i386\lsass.exe

No service pack:
You need the XP CD (not a recovery CD) in the drive
Boot Safe mode
Start -> run -> cmd
expand d:\i386\lsass.ex_ c:\windows\system32\lsass.exe



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