Low level GPO not working



The Default Domain Policy is showing up on my client
machine. However a low level GPO is not showing up.

The low level GPO is configured in an OU where the 'user'
object is located. Security for the GPO is set to a
group that includes the 'user' account. The GPO has
software installed in the 'user configuration'.

When 'gpresult' is run on the client computer it
lists 'Default Domain Policy', but does not list the Low
level GPO.

What is causing the low level GPO to be unavailable?

Derek Melber [MVP]

I would say that it could only be a couple of things:

1) The GPO setting is targeted to the Computer Configuration, not the User
2) The ACL for the GPO is not correct

It can't be block policy inheritance, since the domain GPOs are coming down.
There is a way that block policy inheritance is in place, only if the domain
GPO has no over ride set.

So, I would check 1 and 2 first, then check block policy inheritance and no
override on the GPOs in question.

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